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Best Career Counseling in Jaipur: Find Path to Success


  • Turn Career Confusion into Complete Clarity Career Planning, Mapping, Guidance, Support, Preparation with Bharat's Best Institute & Global Career Counsellor

    “Wise Planning and Sincere Efforts create a career.”    Saurabh Jain
    With one click, you can get the “Exclusive Career Map.” Bharat's best self-grooming classes are one click away. But, unfortunately, a lot of times, when we say later, it becomes never. We should never postpone our good plans. Good plans are golden opportunities; if you do not grab them, you will regret them later.
    Want to get the “Best Solutions for All Your Concerns Related to Career” - Contact Pragya's Excellence in Counselling Services.
    Here you will get an interactive counselling session, an expert counsellor, highly authentic tools - techniques, stream calculator, admission probability calculator, virtual internship, profile building program, and more.

    All those things that seemed impossible are now possible; It’s like dreams come true - You Are Going to Have Absolute Clarity About Your Career Goals.


    “We do not produce freshers; We do not produce Professionals; we produce passionate professionals.”

    "जिसको बेस्ट बनना है - वो बेस्ट को ही चुनता है"

    World-class curriculum, world-class trainer, world-class training methodology, and world-class infrastructure.

    Bharat's first and best comprehensive personality development and life skill management institute.
    Known as
    "Kingdom of Wisdom”
    “Excellence की पाठशाला "
    We have initiated a movement towards creating legends
    Rajasthan's first soft skill training institute affiliated and approved by Rajasthan Skill University.
  • Career counselling is an invaluable tool to help you achieve your goals by providing personalized guidance and support throughout your career journey. Whether you are a high school/ College/ University student just starting to explore your options or a professional looking to make a career change, Mr Saurabh Jain, the Best and Global Career Counsellor in Jaipur can offer you the knowledge and resources you need to make informed decisions and successfully navigate the ever-evolving job market.


    🔷 Mr Saurabh Jain will help you to achieve your goals by helping you identify your strengths, interests, and values. Through a series of assessments and discussions


    🔷 Mr Saurabh Jain will help you clarify what motivates and fulfils you professionally. This self-awareness is crucial as it forms the foundation for making informed career choices that align with your passions and values. 


    🔷 Mr Saurabh Jain will also share valuable advice based on his experience, and this advice not only helps in improving your study pattern but also helps in overall development.


    🔷 Mr Saurabh Jain, through his career counselling, also provides valuable insights into various career paths and industries. Mr Saurabh Jain can help you research and explore different options, providing detailed information about job prospects, required skills and qualifications, and potential growth opportunities. 


    This knowledge can empower you to make educated decisions about your future and choose a career path that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Based on occupational needs, your career counselling coach helps you to figure out skill gaps so that through appropriate coaching & training, you can develop and bridge those skill gaps. Career Counselling also helps you in getting relevant accreditation. 

    Furthermore, our career counselling session will help you to develop essential skills and strategies for success. Our Career Counsellor, Mr Saurabh Jain, will assist you in setting realistic and achievable goals, creating a personalized action plan, and sharpening your job search skills, including resume writing, interview preparation, and networking.

    Our Career Consultant helps you through the most trusted and advanced personality tests. By equipping you with these tools, career counselling enhances your chances of landing your dream job, entrepreneurship, or profession. Last but not least, all your information is kept confidential.

    Pragya Institute of Personality Development Offers the Best Career Counselling Service Through the Highly Experienced and Certified Global Career Counsellor, Mr. Saurabh Jain. 

    1. We deeply understand that Counselling Sessions are to Help You, Not Disturb You.
    2. Our highly experienced - Global career counsellor - Mr Saurabh Jain
    3. Our Unique Methodology
    4. Counselling sessions are highly interactive
    5. Broad network in prestigious colleges and universities
    6. Your personal information is highly confidential
    7. World-Class tools used by us: Here is the list
    • Personality Tests and Psychometric Tests
    • Ideal Career Test
    • Personality Type Assessment
    • Multiple Intelligences Test
    • Engineering Branch Selector
    • Commerce Career Selector
    • Learning Styles Test
    • Arts and Humanities Career Selector
    • Stream Selector Test
    • Career Options
    • Entrance Tests Details, Prep Tips, and Sample Papers.
    • Course/Country-wise Fee Calculator
    • Admission Chances Calculator
    • Virtual Internship in various fields

        8. Our personal and professional support to our clients

    “Right Direction - Right Speed - Right Decision - Right Time Leads to Great Success.”

    Mr. Saurabh Jain is a Global Career Counsellor from the University of California- 
    Mr. Saurabh Jain guided more than 2000 students and working Professionals in creating their career maps & achieving their best-fit goals.
    We Provide Our Services for the Following:
    1. Career counselling for students
    2. Best online career counselling 
    3. Career counselling after 10th 
    4. Career Counselling for students after 12th
    5. Career Counselling for Graduates and Post Graduates
    6. Career Guidance for Working Professionals
    7. Career Guidance for House Makers
    8. Career counselling for teachers

  • Myths About Career Counselling

  • 1. The biggest myth about career counselling - I don’t require You may require

     Everyone must consult with an expert career counsellor as early as possible - because efforts in the wrong direction will not yield a satisfactory result.
  • 2. Career counselling is inclined to students only

    No, anyone at any age can take the expert opinion of a career counsellor - You must have heard “late is better than never.”
  • 3. Career counsellors have nothing special to tell you. Everything you already know

    Career counsellors have multiple extraordinary things to tell - You may never hear about them, but the problem in our Bharat is that if somebody falls ill, everybody is a doctor - Unasked and unwanted advice is quite trending. So one may avoid falling into the trap of unauthorised advisors.
  • 4. Career counsellors are focused on Job and Placements

    No career counsellors look at the whole picture - This is one part. There is a difference between placement agencies and career counsellors
  • 5. Very few people seek career advice

    Statics suggest I a large number of people go for career counselling.
  • 6. Career counselling is a bunch of aptitude test

    It is part of the counselling. If a doctor needs to diagnose your illness, he may or may not prescribe some tests. After the test reports, he establishes a connection between his diagnosis and the reports. In the same way, a counsellor
    Note - If someone is only promoting tests and not guiding you properly - beware
  • 7. Meeting a career counsellor means you have some cavity or poor decision-maker

    No, there is nothing like this, but I would say you are a wise decision-maker
  • 8. Career Counselling is a long process

    Yes, if you really want appropriate reports, diagnosis and results. You need to spend some healthy and enthusiastic time. गलत रास्ते पर जाकर वापस यू टर्न करने से अच्छा है - अगर रास्ता नहीं पता तो रास्ता पूछ लो - रास्ता पूछने में टाइम तो लगेगा लेकिन गलत रास्ते पर जाकर वापस आने से कम और कई बार तो पूरी जिन्दगी ही गलत रास्ते पर निकालनी पड़ जाती है क्योंकि बहुत आगे जाने के बाद पता चलता है की गलत रास्ते पर थे|

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